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Burial Releases New Single From Upcoming 12 Inch


The often elusive British producer Burial has come out of hiding to drop a new track from a forthcoming 12 inch due in June. Known for some of the sickest electronica to ever get released, this new track “Claustro” fares well with what he’s become known for while expanding his sound even further.

Burial is definitely touching on new elements here, offering up some of his traditional found sounds with those hypnotic and crazed break beats that he’s known for. The track has multiple notes pulsing underneath a vocal track that gives a depth here that’s only magnified by the dancing synths that play underneath.

The track is available to stream above, on YouTube or wherever you stream music and it can be purchased directly from Hyperdub when it drops on June 14. As you should know, Burial does not have any scheduled performances for the foreseeable future.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Hyperdub.



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