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Pip Blom Debut Album is Pure Magic


In the Winter months we stumbled down a rabbit hole of music from nether parts of the globe that we don’t get much access to most of us here in the states. While pretty much every act we came upon was purely golden, the music of Amsterdam’s Pip Blom. Aside from some of the catchiest guitar hooks you’ll hear in a while, their debut album BOAT out today is on par with pretty much every great indie rock record you’ve heard, while echoing new licks in the process.

The album has a very honest feel, it doesn’t come off as if it were run through a team of producers to create something authentic-because it is authentic on its own. The lack of fraudulence comes through loud and clear on all of these tracks. Opening song “Daddy Issues” has all of the snap and pop without any of the fake production tricks, it’s just unadulterated indie rock. “Don’t Make It Difficult” follows, and it achieves the same. In many ways the songs remind you of everything and nothing else at the same time. The way the band structures their music makes it stand alone, the changes of rhythm, the way the hooks come from what feels like a new place and how the lyrics seem heartfelt is where all of the magic lies.

The grooves of “Tired” are bookmarked with guitars that run two different directions, yet they work so well that you couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. The up feel of “Ruby” where the guitars and drums create a rhythm where it feels like you could dance along before the vocals hit and pull you in with their authentic nature. And the fuzz heavy depths of “Set of Stairs” is done in a way that keeps your attention, yet it also has this nice lo-fi feel that makes you think that it was actually recorded in a lo-fi way over taking a quality recording and twisting it that way. BOAT is full of new methods, youthful heartbreak and intriguing honesty that don’t fall flat on anyone who hears it. If only there were more bands like Pip Blom making music how they want, and not how some label executive wants it, the music world would be a less crowded space lush with originality.

BOAT is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased digitally from all online music retailers and can be purchased physically directly from Heavenly Recordings. Pip Blom is on tour tonight at Rough Trade East in London, UK until November 06-09 at Iceland Airwaves in Reyjavik, Iceland. A complete listing of their upcoming appearances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Raymond Van Mil.



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