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Jai Paul Drops Two New Singles That Snap


London’s Jai Paul hasn’t released any new music since 2012. Of course what he released then were two songs that were influential on the underground and propelled him to mythic status. Now he’s just dropped two new singles with “Do You Love Her Now” and “He,” and they’re both as intriguing as you’d want them to be.

“Do You Love Her Now” has beats that linger in a build in the background, creating a mysterious tone. Met with guitar and synths before the vocals come in, the song has a sultry and funky feel that washed over you when you first hear it. Falsetto vocals and plenty of sexy tones define the song’s overall sound, offering up plenty of curated notes that pop is the hottest way possible.

With “He,” Paul keeps in line with this R&B induced sound. The track has a very Nigel Rogers feel where the guitar plays underneath the vocals at the top of the mix. There’s a stirring way in which the song has been mixed, offering the vocals as the lead over the music in a way that creates a soulful vibe that mixes well with the electronic pieces that are composed within the song. The end of the track is nothing short of extraordinary, where Paul proves why he’s such a sought after artist.

Both tracks are available to purchase digitally from all digital music stores, they can be streamed on all streaming sites and a limited run of 500 signed white label vinyls are available directly from XL Recordings. There are no scheduled performances for Jai Paul at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Tim Saccenti.



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