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*repeat repeat Gets Catchy on New Album


It would be one thing if Nashville duo *repeat repeat were just a band who had their album produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, but fortunately for you and your ears, they’re so much more than that. Mixing in pop touches and sonic hooks, their new full length Glazed is an upbeat and catchy joyride full of songs that will make you want to dance in all of their memorable notes.

The entire album feels like a band going for broke, offering up riffs and licks that are meant to stick in your head. When the band incorporates electronica it feels like it’s meant to take them further. When they add more pop, it’s to make the song more memorable. And when they even have to slow things a bit, the songs still work. While all of the songs that were released as singles are catchy, the songs you haven’t heard is where more of the snap lives.

“Can’t Shake This” has this dark electronic undertone that runs along with a post-rock riff that just stays in your head. “Fortunate One” has all of the upbeat pop tones that have plenty of sugary nuance, though the band’s use of traditional guitars and bass make the song have more depth than just a sugary pop track. And the quick sounds of “I’ll Be The One You’re Growing Old With” have the kind of tempo that will either make you wanna’ go for a run or maybe slam dance in a room full of like minded individuals. The biggest stand outs that aren’t singles come on the last two songs. With the eighties tinged sounds of “Woke With You” where all that the band does on previous tracks come together as one. Pop, electronic and catchy indie rock all fawn upon your ears with catchy warmth that feels like being wrapped in a blanket of joy. On the closer “TTB” the band utilizes dual vocals and an acoustic to almost channel all of the sixties R&B laced pop that made so many British bands popular at the time. The song is still catchy, but it’s the tender placement of how the song is presented with a grandiose chorus that really makes the track shine.

Glazed is available to purchase in all online music retailers, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or physically purchased directly from Dangerbird Records. *repeat repeat is on tour starting June 13 in Decatur, GA at Eddie’s Attic until October 02 in Columbus, OH at Nationwide Arena. A complete list of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Jonathan Kingsbury.



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