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Calliope Musicals Announce New Album Due Next Week


We see a ton of live music, because it’s in our DNA to do so. With bands being hurled at us continuously, one of the best live bands we’ve caught in recent years has been Austin’s Calliope Musicals. A band with five members can already fill a stage, however with this group they fill the stage with lights and props while they fill your ears with music and your sense of being with joy. With three singles in, the band has just announced that their new album Color/Sweat will be available next week from Rhyme & Reason Records, and two of these new songs really shape the band’s sound enough to excite us about what the record will sound like.

While whispering opens their latest single “Fear This Body,” the grandiose and over the top nature of the band’s core sound is still here. Between little instrumental touches the vocals blast out like a punch to the face. The way the track is mixed showcases a more direct and focused sound from the psych pop rockers. The culmination of electronics and instrumentation give the song a more epic feel, and give you an idea of their bombastic live sets.

With “That’s Why We Dance” the band takes hints of neo-disco, dance pop and psychedelia to hone in on a more centered approach. Of course, with many different sounds hopping on and off the track, centered isn’t the best way to describe what’s happening here. The band’s songwriting feels advanced, showing off how far they’ve come while still giving off the energetic notion that music is meant to be enjoyed. The track is a definite head bopper you can not only enjoy, but you can get down to as well.

Both songs are available to stream wherever you stream music, they can be purchased in all digital music outlets and Color/Sweat can be pre-ordered physically directly from Rhyme & Reason Records ahead of its June 14 release. Calliope Musicals is out on the road beginning with a kickoff set at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX on June 14 until August 03 at Backyard on Bell in Denton, TX. A complete listing of their upcoming performances can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Kate Blaising.



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