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Florida Man Releases New Video & Announces Tour Dates


South Carolina’s Florida Man make the kind of noise punk that’s not as in your face as many who attempt to live by the letter of the genre, but they’re also more accomplished in their sound because of that. While their new album Tropical Depression is full of track that will remind you of bands like Drive Like Jehu or Nation of Ulysses, their new video for the song “Holy Roller” will give you more than enough visuals to take with their sound.

While the music is dark and energetic, snappy and noisy, the video looks like something weird you’d find on a public access channel. Almost like a Sunday service from a dark cult, the band plays their respective roles within the group of crazed evangelicals as things get more and more bizarre. The cloaked imagery of the band fits with their noise induced brand of punk, and should give viewers a small glimpse into their minds.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube, Tropical Depression can be streamed on all sites and purchased digitally from all online music outlets or physically directly from Spartan Records. Florida Man is on tour starting June 13 at Wonderland in Richmond, VA until September 02 at The Hideaway in Johnson City, TN. A full list of their tour dates can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Taylor Hickman.



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