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New Possible Humans Track is Stirring & Evocative


There’s a good chance that you’re not familiar with the music of Melbourne’s Possible Humans. Becoming a band in 2012, they’ve just announced a debut album called Everybody Split due for release in early August, By the sounds of their first single “Aspiring To Be A Bloke,” you should count them as one of your new favorite bands.


The song kind of lives on its own, straddling the lines between post-punk and psych rock. Touches of the song feel a bit thrown back, but the overall effect isn’t rehashing anyone else. There’s an honesty to how the song plays out where the goal seems to be straight indie rock, removing the jangled side of the genre for more thoughtful notes. The backing vocals add a nice touch, as do the melodic tones the guitars create before a searing solo comes in the tear things apart. From all points looking in, Possible Humans have their own universe where they’re the leaders throwing genre aside in the sake of pure rock bliss.

“Aspiring To Be A Bloke” is available to stream on all sites, it can be purchased digitally from all music shops online and Everybody Split can be pre-ordered directly from Trouble In Mind Records before its August 2 release. Possible Humans are to announce tour plans sooner than later.

Image Credits: Photo by Melissa Fulton.



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