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Baroness Expands Their Sound on Gold & Grey


Baroness has always been a band who was up for expanding what they do together as a unit. Their live shows are like getting punched in the face, and their albums aren’t much lighter than that. On their new album Gold & Grey, the band not only ticks things up a notch, they expand their sound at the same time.

It should be noted first that this record has a long run time. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s also well past the thirty minutes you may be used to. Running over an hour in length, the opener “Front Toward Enemy” is heavy and harsh at times while still holding your ears. In recent years the band has tread closer to hard rock yet here the metal nuances are obvious while the song paces along at a quick rate. The album utilizes what feels like more time in the studio and a better grasp of what they want to do with these tracks. Songs like “I’m Already Gone,” “Sevens” and “Anchor’s Lament” might all feel like they’re songs that wouldn’t end up on an album by a hard rock band, but they also paint a nice picture of the overall effect the band is achieving. Baroness isn’t changing as much as they’re growing, and there’s still plenty of heaviness throughout the release.

“I’d Do Anything” is not only dark and heavy, but it’s disturbing at times with a calming weight that washes over you like a nightmare you can’t escape from. “Broken Halo” comes on like a rush to the head and “Borderlines” has this trippy darkness that gets sprinkled throughout the song, taking you to a space that’s heavy and harsh at times.  The album gets split between vignettes of sound and songs that tread between heavy and progressive. Keeping in line with where they’ve been heading for their past couple of albums, Baroness is ready for a bigger audience while keeping their sludge sounds in the past.

Gold & Grey is available to stream when it gets released on June 14. It can be pre-ordered directly from Abraxan Hymns on multiple vinyl variants and formats. Baroness will be on tour beginning June 14 at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY until November 29 in Stockholm, Sweden at Tele 2 Arena. A complete listing of their upcoming performances can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Dana Distortion.

David Garrick

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