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Tim Heidecker Proves He’s More Than the Funny Guy on New Album


It’s hard sometimes to tell what side of Tim Heidecker you’re getting, especially when it feels serious. Half of comedy duo Tim & Eric, Heidecker was an accomplished musician well before the duo got together. On his new album What The Brokenhearted Do things feel whimsically serious as he treads between soft rock and indie with ease.

It should be noted that this album is very well crafted, feeling like a mixture of tongue-in-cheek jokes and serious sounds. The tones alone on the album stand out at the top of the game. At times it feels like Heidecker is channeling his inner Harry Nilsson, though it never feels like a lift. It’s softer rock, very seventies oriented but not so soft that it reminds you of Christopher Cross.

While the opener has an upbeat and seventies California feel, “Illegal” stands above a lot of what gets called soft rock. Heidecker calls out with backing vocals and plenty of moments that feel like they’re coming from an era that you don’t hear from any more. It’s not dated, it’s more refreshing than anything. Records don’t get made this way anymore. The way the piano feels more relaxed on “I’m Not Good Enough” as Heidecker finds a hook without feeling like he’s trying. The song is structured differently than the usual piano based song, but it doesn’t feel out of place either. “Insomnia” comes off with an upbeat feel like it’s out of a studio where Brian Wilson was hanging out at while it was made. “Life’s Too Long” is another track that doesn’t sound modern, but it still works on its own footing.

The biggest stand out of the release is “I Don’t Think About You (Much Anymore).” The track is soft and has a meandering feel where Heidecker’s vocals come in and get met with a pause-something that you never hear in music anymore. For most artists, this wouldn’t work but for Heidecker and for this album, it not only works but it feels about right. The whole release stands alone in a time when everyone wants to drop bangers and Heidecker is doing his own thing, even if it’s not popular or common.

What The Brokenhearted Do is available to stream wherever you stream music, it can be purchased from all online music stores or physically directly from Jagjaguwar Records. Tm Heidecker doesn’t have any listed tour dates at this time.

Image Credits: Photo by Juliana Giraffe.



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