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New Tycho Track Should Get Your Feet Moving


For a minute now, we’ve liked everything that Tycho has done. His live sets are always more noteworthy than many in electronic music, and his music is always head and shoulders above most. On his new single “Japan” he keeps the quality high, proving he can still blow us away. With a new album coming in July, Weather will more than likely take the cake as another quality release from the composer producer.

The track, featuring Saint Sinner on vocals has a shimmering effect on your senses. Almost ambient in its light touch, the track has this underlying beat that you can’t shake, and envokes feelings of getting down. Tycho is really taking things further here, keeping all his heft in check while still delivering everything you want from modern music in the process.

“Japan” is available to stream on all platforms and it can be downloaded wherever you download music. Weather can be pre-ordered directly from Mom+Pop Records. Tycho will be on tour starting July 21 at Splendor in the Grass Festival in Yelgun, Australia until March 05, 2020 at Printworks in London, UK. A complete listing of his upcoming appearances can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Scott Hansen.



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