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Plague Vendor Doesn’t Hold Back on New Album


California’s Plague Vendor has only been around about a decade, yet their energetic live shows and their music have always spoken for themselves. On their new full length By Night they prove that not only have they upped their game since their last release, but that they can still bring all of the energy of their youthful years.

With production by John Congleton, the band quickly lights the fire with the snappy and searing tones of “New Comedown.” There’s little left on the table here, the spirits high and the way in which the band sounds like they’re laying waste to a city with their distorted tones is purely evocative. This is thematic throughout the record, searing and heated energy burn throughout songs like “Let Me Get High/Low,” “Pain In My Heart” and “In My Pocket.” The band sets themselves apart from many bands who make highly energetic music with hooks for days and plenty of alternative rock themes.

Though with that said, it should be noted that there’s nothing new here. The production is on point and the band tears through songs like a buzz saw through a coffee table. But there’s also not a giant difference between this album and the band’s previous efforts. It’s high volume, high energy rock that doesn’t tread new territory but also gets welcomed by your ears if you’re ready for distortion pedals and distorted vocals. It’s not high art but it also works for anyone looking for high energy rock n’ roll.

By Night is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased in all digital music stores or physically directly from Epitaph Records. Plague Vendor will be on tour beginning June 12 in San Diego, CA at Music Box until October 25 in Las Vegas, NV at Bunkhouse Saloon. A complete listing of their tour dates can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Rowan Daily.



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