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Charly Bliss Drops New Video Ahead of Tour


Charly Bliss is definitely taking on new audiences with the release of their new album Young Enough. With pop tones and plenty of tracks that steer you in the right direction, the video for their song “Young Enough” is just as intriguing as the album itself.

The video features the band dressed in white leading others into interpretive dance moves in the middle of a field. It sounds odd but it actually works as the hook heavy chorus plays out better than if you’d never heard the song before. When the band begins performing in the same field, the strength of the lyrics come forward with full force. Frame by frame shots of the band give you more imagery than the lyrics could alone, making the song hit that much harder.

The video for “Young Enough” is available to stream above or on YouTube, Young Enough can be streamed on all platforms or purchased physically directly from Barsuk Records. Charly Bliss is on tour tomorrow in Cincinnati, OH at Top Cats until November 14 in Philadelphia, PA at The Foundry. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ebru Yildiz.



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