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The Appleseed Cast Shares Two New Singles Ahead of Upcoming Album


It’s been almost five years since we heard a peep out of emo group The Appleseed Cast. However the band appears to be back in full force with a new album called The Fleeting Light of Impermanence due later this month. What’s most intriguing about the two new singles the Kansas quartet have dropped ahead of the album’s release isn’t that they exist, but rather that they both sound modern.


The band’s newest track, “Chaotic Waves” is full of guitar tones and blown out drums, giving it a mix of modern emo and little nuggets of nineties emo. When the vocals come it, the music plays a hair above them in volume, signalling a sound that’s always been a part of how the Kansas group has placed music into the world. The mass of extra instrumentation here adds all sorts of nuance to the track, making it have a more worldly feel than you may be expecting. However, with all of that the song just works and makes us happy that the band has risen from being gone for such a good while away.

However, on the first song they released “Time the Destroyer,” the four piece employs pianos and synths in the most old school emo way possible. With just the synths and a piano playing in tandem sequence for two minutes until strings make their way onto the track. It’s haunting and different but not at all unwarranted. It’s a very modern interpretation of what the band has always done. Drums come in about forty seconds later and vocals don’t start until the three minute mark, but you’re locked in. The narrative of sound here is masterful, showcasing how far the band’s songwriting has come. Even when the drums hit and hit hard, the dual vocals alone should tell you these guys are playing for keeps. It’s such an engaging sound that you will more than likely find yourself placing the song on repeat just to hear the builds all over again.

Both songs are available to stream wherever you stream music, they can be purchased digitally from all digital music stores and The Fleeting Light of Impermanence can be pre-ordered directly from Graveface Records. The Appleseed Cast will be on tour beginning June 16 in Nashville, TN at The Basement until August 20 in Boise, ID at Neurolux. A complete list of their entire tour schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Sean Bergman.



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