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The Three Latest Singles By girl in red Are Sheer Magic


Not long ago we stumbled across the bedroom pop of singer songwriter girl in red, and we became immediate fans as soon as we heard her music. Though she’s only twenty years old, the Norwegian native shows that her songwriting alone is head and shoulders above what makes up most of the genre. This year she’s released three new singles, and we think you’ll become her new fan as soon as you hear them.

The first of the three, “watch you sleep” has an eloquence and earnest feel to how emotionally tender the songs plays out. Her soft vocals sound sincere, the longing in her voice doesn’t go unnoticed on a song that is the least likely love song you may hear all year. There’s a simple magic in how the guitar and the vocals create their own universe while still gripping your ears and holding them until the song reaches its ending.

The second song, “i need to be alone” is more of dream pop sound, bringing the full band sound in more. girl in red doesn’t mince words while also offering a pretty upbeat pacing that feels happy until you read the words. It’s easy to write such songs off with words like “airy” and “light,” though the song has more weight than the typical dream pop, giving you plenty of introspection and heft.

On their latest single “dead girl in the pool” there’s also an up feel to the song’s structure, though even with pop arrangements, the song weighs heavy. There’s something honest about how the vocals are at the top of the mix while the acoustic strums behind them. When the chorus hits there’ plenty of pop, but it’s not as sugary as modern pop music and still feels very personal from start to finish. The group vocals in the latter quarter of the song add a nice touch, even if they’re singing “I’m the dead girl in the pool” on repeat.

All three song are available to stream wherever you stream music and you can purchase music from girl in red in all digital music retailers. girl in red will be on tour beginning September 05 at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY until December 05 at Parkteatret Scene in Oslo, Norway. A complete listing of her upcoming appearances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Chris Almeida.

David Garrick

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