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Strange Ranger Drops New Single Bathed in Tone


Philadelphia’s Strange Ranger is a band that seems to get more interesting with each song they release into the world. With a new album Remembering The Rockets coming in July, their first single was nineties indie rock gold. Now their newest track “Living Free” shows a more shoegaze based sound that washes you over in pedal drenched tone.

Opening with plenty of guitar driven tones, the drums and the vocals come in where they immediately pull you into the depths that the band creates. The song is full of sonic touches that hold your ears before the chorus hits and opens things up like a flower basking in the sunlight. The song is a slow build that never really slows down, while keeping you interested in each tone filled note.

“Living Free” is available to stream wherever you stream music, it can be purchased in all digital music stores and Remembering The Rockets can be pre-ordered directly from Tiny Engines ahead of its July 26 release date. Strange Ranger just finished a run of tour dates, though a new tour could be announced soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Melissa Brain.



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