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Night Moves Keep Their Seventies Tinged Tones on New Album


Though Minnesota’s Night Moves haven’t been around a decade, their sound has always placed them back in a time that came well before them. Mixing seventies rock with country touched tones, their new album Can You Really Find Me continues what they gave us on their debut while expanding further in to their sound at the same time.

Where the album shines, it sparkles like a diamond and where it doesn’t it is noticed quickly. But with that, the opening track “Mexico” has a nice thrown back vibe that takes a while to get going but holds you after it does. The band steers closer to the neo-disco world on “Recollections” and while it’s a very up sound, it’s a bit jarring when you hear it. Almost like if Calexico covered a Barry Gibb track, it’s not a bad sound in most cases, yet it doesn’t really apply here. However the country tinged tones of “Keep Me In Mind” and the snappy stride of “Strands Align” should keep you in step with this record, as they work well and give you plenty to root for.

The dark lounge singer tones of “Saving The Dark” are a nice touch, invoking much of that chillaxed seventies vibe that the band brings to their music. “Angelina” adds hints of darkness with an up stride that gives the band’s sound more weight than on other tracks here, and the title track “Can You Really Find Me” brings all that’s present on the record together into one mixture of modern electronics, country tones set to seventies rock all together.

But with all of that, the biggest stand out of the release is “Coconut Grove.” The song is bizarre, mixing vocalized electronica into these harmonic loops that sound like nothing else. The falsetto vocals have a real Spoon type sound, yet it’s not a lift but rather a cluster of dark touched pop and R&B nuance. In many ways, you wish for more of this as it makes the band sound more futuristic than they may be, or than they may want you to believe that they are.

Can You Really Find Me is available to stream on all streaming sites, it can be purchased in all digital music stores or physically directly from Domino Records. Night Moves are on tour starting July 20 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN until October 28 at MAZE in Berlin, Germany. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Elise Tyler.

David Garrick

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