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New Ash Walker Track Hits With Soulful Presence


London’s Ash Walker has made a name for pretty much everything he’s touched. With production techniques on a whole other planet, DJing for the most elite of the elite or just making stellar music, his upcoming album Aquamarine due in a couple of weeks should be a foray into the depths of our insides. With his latest single “Finishing Touch (feat. Laville)” from his upcoming release Aquamarine, Walker reminds us that the beauty of notes can still resonate.

Taking a mixture of rhythmic beats and percussive stabs, the song opens with a piano, a bass and backing vocals that dance around in your head as the track plays. When Walker’s vocals come in, his deep baritone is like a sleeping giant that has the touches of slowly dripping honey on a warm surface. Because the video is shot with an infrared camera, the visuals of the film create just as dazzling array as the music itself.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube, the single can be purchased in all digital outlets and Aquamarine can be pre-ordered directly from Night Time Stories ahead of its July 19 release. Ash Walker is set to perform the album in its entirety in a secret location on July 20 in Central London. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Image Credits: Photo by Dan Medhurst.



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