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Latest Single From Tennis System is Exactly What We All Need


Los Angeles three piece Tennis System makes the kind of high energy and throttled rock that you just don’t hear very often. Cultivating a sound that contains elements of shoegaze and indie rock, their latest single “Turn” embodies so much of their sound ahead of their new album Lovesick coming in August.

There’s a line that gets drawn between shoegaze and fuzz rock sometimes that isn’t present here. The driving distorted guitars that get the song going get placed aside for the verse before it returns in the chorus to give you plenty of that pedal drenched tone. Tennis System in many ways crafts their own thing here, though it could remind some of bands like Hum and My Bloody Valentine, no one is really making this kind of music currently.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube, the song can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital music outlets and Lovesick is available for pre-order directly from Graveface Records ahead of its August 02 release date. Tennis System will bring their energetic live show to Liquor Store in Portland, OR on July 17 until their set at The Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA on July 21. The band’s complete tour schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Brittany O'Brien.

David Garrick

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