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New Carmen Villain Single is Wondrous in Its Tones


With her new album Both Sides Will Be Blue out this Friday, Carmen Villain has just released a new single that shows how complex her new album may be. On “Impossible Color” the artists takes mixtures of tone and sound to hone together a sound that’s hard not to fall for. Though instrumental, the track gives you one last glimpse of what lush artistry will fall all over the new release.

The depths at which the percussive elements intertwine with synthetic beats and a piano, offers a sound that’s high art without feeling over your head. The absence of sound is some moments reveals a tension within the music that’s hard to describe, while the compositions showcase the strengths of the flute and the balance between sparse sounds and nothingness.

“Impossible Color” can be streamed on all platforms, the video can be viewed above and on YouTube and Both Sides Will Be Blue is available for pre-order directly from Smalltown Supersound ahead of its July 12 release. Carmen Villain is set to perform on October 08 in Oslo, Norway at Utsolgt! Red Bull Music Festival

Image Credits: Photo by Signe Luksengard.



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