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Toronto’s dvsn Releases Two New Songs That Shine


It’s been a minute since we heard new music from R&B duo dvsn. The Toronto natives blew away everyone who caught them this year at Coachella, though aside from playing new music at that set, they haven’t really dropped any of those tracks until now. With two new songs “Miss Me?” and “In Between,” it’s quickly obvious that the time off hasn’t harmed the talent these two bring to their music.

“Miss Me” is definitely a bopping track, full of future beats and plenty of R&B swag in the vocals and the tones utilized. The song is ultra-catchy, but it’s far from a pop song. Featuring an up pacing, it’s a reminder of what these two can do when they’re ready to drop a track we can all get behind.

“In Between” has a bit of a different approach, opening with spacey synths and an acoustic guitar. The way the vocals come in are like honey dripping from a piece of hot bread. The song is more tender and less up, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as memorable. What the track shows is that dvsn can bring magic to slow songs as easily as they can to their more uplifting ones.

Both songs can be streamed on all streaming platforms, or they can be purchased in all online music retailers via OVO Sound/Warner Records. dvsn is set to perform at the Summer Spirit Festival in Columbia, Maryland on August 03.

Image Credits: Photo by LeSean Harris.



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