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New Single by Doe Paoro Will Stop You in Your Tracks


LA’s Doe Paoro seems to have the ability to put it all out there in her music. Over the years, her sound has grown without taking away any of the sincerity of her songwriting. On her new single “Midnight Choir” produced by Rob Schnapf, she shares a sound that’s more developed and feels like a longtime coming.

The ultimate take away here is how big the song feels. Paoro’s vocals have always been a standout in her music, but here they have more lustre and shine. Sometimes doubled and sometimes on their own, mixing her powerful voice with strings and piano take her sound to new heights and make her an even more powerful force in music.

“Midnight Choir” can be streamed on all streaming services and it can be purchased in all digital music stores via Anti Records as well. Doe Paoro has no tour plans at this time, though that may soon change.

Image Credits: Photo by Milo Decruz.



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