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New Single by Ashnikko Pops & Bangs


London’s Ashnikko doesn’t really care if you get what she’s doing, because she’s pretty much popped off since she got her start. On her new single “Hi, It’s Me” from her new E.P., the rapper makes use of her own inner sadness to drop a true ‘f**k you’ anthem while giving you something that slaps in the process.

There’s a hearty mix of trap beats, R&B touched singing and hip hop that falls all over the anthemic track. Ashnikko has always mixed measures of singing and rapping with heavy beats and dark electronica. The video for the track has a very in your face appearance and dark imagery of kidnapping and animated violence. Though the song is so catchy that you won’t care cause it will definitely stay with you after you hear it.

The video can be viewed above or on YouTube, the single and her new E.P. Hi, It’s Me can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased in all digital store fronts via Warner Records. There are no live dates scheduled for Ashnikko right now, though that should change.

Image Credits: Photo by Melanie Lehman.



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