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New Album From Gauche is High Energy Punk You Can Dance To


Washington, DC has such a bustling music scene, that pretty much every band that calls it home comes out of the city with an unparalleled energy that many cities cannot match. While there’s more than enough to get excited about, Gauche has always made the kind of dance worthy punk that we feel is easy to get behind. On their new album A People’s History of Gauche, all of the dissent and grief from our current administration gets masked with energetic punk with instrumentation that should get your feet moving, no matter what you’re doing.


The underlying hooks and group vocals on opener “Flash” get things started nicely. The song is rife with energetic strides, there’s more than one catchy tone being played and yet it’s so hard to walk away from that you’ll more than likely place the track on repeat. This continues on the angst driven tones of “Cycles” where things go a little closer to riott girl sounds, though it’ still all original. This occurs again with “Copper Woman” where there’s more upbeat hooks and dual vocals that get touched with post-punk notations. Gauche is definitely making their own way here, adding nuances that most punk bands wold steer from.

But aside from the punkier leanings of the record, there’s some tracks that are closer to straight indie pop that build upon the memorable songs that fall on the album. “Pay Day” is so up and sunny that the song still holds on to punk, but it’s also a loose grip where the song feels like the backing track to an eighties dance party. “Running” has these neo-disco graces that mix with new wave tones, “Boom Hazard” is just a dance party in the making and “History” makes you think as you just want to get down at the same time. The whole release is a new look at varying degrees of punk without stripping the sheen of what the band is really up to.

A People’s History of Gauche can be streamed wherever you stream music, it can be purchased directly from Merge Records or wherever you buy music online. Gauche will be on tour beginning July 30 at Gasa Gasa in New Orleans, LA until August 24 in Brooklyn, NY at Alphaville. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Jen Dessinger.



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