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Two New Singles by Bon Iver Are Magical


Wisconsin’s Bon Iver has always released music that seems to top whatever they did previously. It’s a trait that few songwriters have, to always do better with each release and then achieving it. It seems that’s what’s happening on their upcoming album i,i due in late August. The first two singles from it, “Faith” and “Jelmore” both show different sides while being extraordinary at the same time.

On “Faith,” the slow build that the group has perfected so well is very present. Wisps of extra instrumentation fall underneath as piano and vocals lead the song, leaning heavily towards the band’s signature mixture of indie folk and indie rock. The vocals are strewn between talk singing and regular singing, and offer a weight to the song’s sound.

“Jelmore” however tends to lend itself to a more experimental offering, where electronics and vocals take your ears to a new space. The song has plenty of movements that aren’t immediately noticeable, yet they lie on the surface. Bon Iver is treading into new waters here while holding on to their core. That distanced tone and the sincerity in the words gives the song just enough heft to stay in your head days after you hear the song.

Both songs can be streamed on all streaming sites, the videos can be viewed above or on YouTube and the singles can be purchased in all digital music stores. i,i can be pre-ordered on multiple formats directly from Jagjaguwar Records ahead of its August 30 release. Bon Iver is on tour starting tonight in Wiesbaden, Germany at Schlachthof until October 19 in Raleigh, NC at PNC Arena. Their complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Graham Tolbert & Crystal Quinn.

David Garrick

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