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Don’t Worry is One of The Best U.K. Bands You’ve Never Heard


We stumble on to bands sometimes with the help of our friends. One friend suggested we check out a UK band called Don’t Worry, and boy are we glad it was suggested. We weren’t a magazine when they dropped their last album Who Cares Anyway? but it’s easily become one of our favorites currently out there. On it, the band mixes indie rock and emo like they were born to while staying very British at the same time.


The album doesn’t really get going until the second song, “Big House” where the band adds a Moog to their catchy pacing and ho hum vocals. There’s a sorcery to how these guys craft a song, balancing between the world’s of indie rock and emo with ease. The song is arranged perfectly with backing vocals that add a shimmer to the catchy track. Things are a bit slower on “Yeah, Me” but the well crafted sound is still there, reminding you a bit of Basement without being a lift. The snappy songs are where this band shines. There’s a lot here to like, for example “Who Cares-U Care” where the bass goes on a walk behind driving riffs and pulsating drums and the catchiest guitar hook you may hear in a while. The song isn’t the quickest, but the band seems to know how to craft music you can’t walk away from.

The songs are so well written on this album that a middle-paced song like “Yeah, Maybe” hit with an intensity and a catchy nature, or how the somber tones of “Bird” still stay with you, even though it’s a softer song. The track “Confetti” reminds you of bands like Knapsack and Mineral with a heavy guitar and open vocals that sound like energy without needling towards punk. There’s a way, in how this band structures their music that makes all of the songs catchy, even if that’s not the intent. The biggest standout is “Rafters” where the band intertwines dissonant guitar tones with chunky riffs to head into a verse that you won’t forget. The backing vocals that come in at one point, the second guitar track just adds to all that’s here in the best way. It has all of the markings of British music without sounding like everyone else, yet these songs are ahead of the curve proving that some of the best music comes from bands you’ve probably never heard of. Don’t Worry has found a magic between themselves, so much so that you wish there were more songs on the album.

Who Cares Anyway? is available to stream on all platforms, it can be purchased digitally from all online music retailers or it can be purchased physically directly from Specialist Subject Records. Don’t Worry is on tour July 27 at Rugby Club in Harlow, UK until August 30 at The Old Blue Last in London, UK. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Specialist Subject Records.

David Garrick

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