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Latest Track by Tinariwen is a Mystical Journey Through the Desert


Depending where your ears are at in terms of what you listen to, you may or may not know much about Tinariwen. The band, makes nomadic musc from their original setting of Mali and it’s a trip that will take you on a journey. Like a traveling band of people, the band finds a way to keep you paying attention through percussive stabs and chanted vocals on their latest single “Zawal.”

The mixture of instruments you may have never heard alongside the sheer magnitude of talent it takes to play them here is pure magic. Tinariwen is stretching the bounds of your mind, creating a space you aren’t familiar with yet you gladly accept. The way the guitar makes a percussive note, the way the vocals sound like they’re coming from someone wiser than you, it’s all something else that’s as psychedelic as anything you’ve heard before, without trying to be.

You can stream the song wherever you stream music, you can purchase it from any online music retailer and the band’s upcoming album Amadjar can be pre-ordered directly from Anti Records ahead of its release on September 06. Tinariwen is on tour starting September 12 in Austin, TX at The Paramount Theatre until November 14 in London, UK at the Hackney Arts Centre. The band’s entire tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Anti Records.



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