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Taylor Hollingsworth Stands Out on New Single


If you’ve ever heard an album by the Mystic Valley Band, then you’ve heard the work of Taylor Hollingsworth. The Alabama native has released solo material as far back as 2003, though his upcoming album Tap Dancin’ Daddy due in August, is his first solo full length. The title track from that album brings forth a mix of folk and indie rock that blend together in the best way possible.

The single has plenty of nods to the South with its upbeat stride and guitar focused tones. Hollingsworth’s vocals definitely have a nice twang, while the song will remind you of seventies rock without having the nostalgic touch. Hollingsworth is treading his own path here, offering a sound that’s as catchy as it is endearing and honest.

The song can be streamed wherever you stream music, it can be purchased in all digital music stores and Tap Dancin’ Daddy can be pre-ordered directly from Flower Moon Records ahead of its August 02 release. Taylor Hollingsworth will be on tour starting August 08 in Santa Ana, CA at The Observatory until September 12 in Athens, GA at Georgia Theatre (Rooftop). His complete run of tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Ryan Dwyer.



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