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CHERUBS Turn Things Up on New Album


In 2014 when Austin’s CHERUBS returned, we weren’t really sure what we were going to get. While that album was good the legendary noise trio’s new album Immaculada High is a lot better. By stripping away any guise of hope and mixing in darkness with the noise, the band creates a mix of bleak notes and misunderstood swaggered rock that churns and squeals at every rotation of the vinyl.


The distanced down the hall drum that leads the opening of the album on “Turista” is immediately cut by guitar and bass that sound like the soundtrack to a crazy person’s mind. The song mixes in a cluster of pedal soaked guitar tones, a driving beat and a bass that sounds like a volume down buzz saw. The album keeps steering off the beaten path on “18 The Number” as well as on “Sooey Pig.” If the band is still trying to prove that they’re fine purveyors of noise and the keepers of that kingdom, then mission accomplished.

But with all of that it must be noted that CHERUBS aren’t retreading old footsteps here. What set the band apart from their contemporaries twenty years ago still places them in their own category today. The way they mix in piercing tones while keeping the song still listenable on “Tigers in the Sky” is purely masterful. The riotous tones that bleep through your speakers on “Old Lady Shoe” like the anthem to a generation of glue huffers is intense. And the darkness in the chaotic notes of “Cry Real Wolves” is coming from someone who may not ever be completely understood. For anyone who wants to make this kind of music in the future, heed all of this before making you album. You have to be this good to take this ride.

Immaculada High can be streamed on all platforms, it can be purchased in all online music retailers and it can be purchased physically directly from Relapse Records. CHERUBS are on tour starting August 09 in Louisville, KY at The Care Less Lounge until November 09 at Hotel Vegas in Austin, TX. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Dante Torriere.



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