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Dude York Crushes it on New Album


Not too long ago, Seattle trio Dude York found their way onto our radar from one of their infectious singles, and we were glad that they did. On their new album Falling available now, they take guitar based indie rock and add their haze to it bringing their own vibes to the genre while giving your ears some song that are difficult to dislike.


The album opens with the slow burner of “Longest Time” where the track takes a while to get going. Of course, you’re heavily rewarded with a bombastic finish that hits with pop touches and intensity. Dude York approaches songwriting differently, encasing the pop nuance without it feeling like twenty different producers steered them in that direction. The pop comes organically again and again on this record. “I’m the 1 4 U” starts like an eighties pop rock anthem and stays with you once the first riff plays, “Only Wish” has the vocal chorus in the background that has a darkness that never goes bleak and “Falling” has this shoegaze tipped tone that never deters your ears.

But with all of that, the band has the ability to shine in other fronts away from pop infused indie rock. “Unexpected” lives up to its name with pedal washed tone and upbeat pacing, “Doesn’t Matter” takes a more serious tone with an acoustic yet it stays with you in how it gets constructed as a folk pop track and “Making Sense” holds your attention as it slowly builds to a clean finish. Dude York comes off like the unlikely band that could blow up at any given moment with this record, while the biggest stand out on the album is “Should’ve.” With so much happening in the music alone, the song has pop nuggets that hide beneath the catchy stride. The way the vocals dance between the riffs, the snappy pop of the drums and the way the band builds the verse is like no one else today. Dude York could become your favorite new band, and this album is the start of that adoration.

Falling is available to purchase on all digital platforms, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased physically directly from Hardly Art. Dude York is on tour September 07 in Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue & 7th Street Entry until October 12 in Los Angeles, CA at Lodge Room. The band’s complete tour listings can be found here.

Image Credits: Photo by Eleanor Petry.



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