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Rituals of Mine Announces New E.P. & Drops New Single


You may not know the name Terra Lopez but you more than likely know her by her stage name Rituals of Mine. Earning praise for live sets and twisted music, her new single “BURST” gives fans a glimpse into what her upcoming EP SLEEPER HOLD will be before it drops in October.

The track opens with more notes than her previous minimalist tones, though it’s not heavy either. The way her rhymes flow through the track have a soft touch while still hitting hard. The song is an a lot of ways a sleeper track that bangs in its own way, further setting the producer performer ahead of many who’ve tried to go th same route before.

The video can be streamed above or on YouTube, the single can be purchased in all online music stores or streamed on all streaming sites. SLEEPER HOLD is available for pre-order directly from Carpark Records ahead of its October 04 release. Rituals of Mine will be on tour starting August 31 in Tuscon, AZ at 191 Toole until November 14 at Freakout Festival in Seattle, WA. Her complete tour dates can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Jeffrey LaTour.



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