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Lightning Bolt Announces New Album & Begins Load Reissues


The full throttled energy of a live set by Lightning Bolt isn’t lost on anyone who’s caught the band in person. It’s been a minute since we heard from the duo, though both have been hard at work on other projects that have each received acclaim in their own right. With that said, the band is set to release a new album, Sonic Citadel in October. If that were’n’t enough, they’re also reissuing their albums from LOAD Records through the same people, Thrill Jockey Records.

Sonic Citadel will be a record that should showcase the strengths that the band has become known for. With the eleven track release, there should be more that enough sonic touches that stir even the band’s biggest fans.

The album can be pre-ordered directly from Thrill Jockey on multiple formats ahead of its October 11 release. The first album to be reissued from the LOAD Records catalog will be Wonderful Rainbow available August 23. Lightning Bolt will be on tour in the Fall and the Winter. Their available dates as of now begin on September 06 in Denver, CO for the Denver Hex Festival until October 10-13 for Desert Daze in Lake Perris, CA. 

Image Credits: Photo by Nick Sayers, Artwork by Brian Chippendale.



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