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Immunity Takes Bedroom Pop to a Higher Plane


Massachusetts’ Clairo has been releasing music on the web since the age of sixteen, but her new full length Immunity is her most fleshed out work to date. On it she takes off the preceding guise of “YouTube artist” and proves she has more weight than anyone making modern bedroom pop while giving the genre wings in the process.

The album opens with a stark piano on “Alewife,” only to get met with percussion and Clairo’s soft vocals. There’s an immediacy to the build she’s embarking on here, as her voice draws you near ahead of an acoustic guitar and strings. Clairo is going easy, but this is a hard to dismiss way to introduce the album complete with her voice at the top of the mix making it a focal point of the song. While Clairo digs in a bit of the electronic sounds of “Closer To You,” and she touches of hip hop vibes with “Softly,” the entire release shows that the youthful singer could become the next big thing sooner than later.

The pop touches are where the true sorcery to the album lies. Songs like “White Flag” have all the structuring of a big name pop act without the fraudulence, “Sinking” has R&B nuance without leaving you why it has that sound and “I wouldn’t Ask You” is a slow boil that still has hooks it its simplicity. Clairo seems to be gracing multiple subgenres within pop on the album, though it all comes across as heartfelt and genuine. The biggest standout for us was the pop banger “Bags.” With indie rock and indie pop glances, Clairo’s doubled vocals and pop stride give you more than enough reason to keep the album playing as it comes at about the halfway mark. There’s a lot on this album to unpack, all of it engaging and hard not to fall for. Whatever inspired Clairo to make the album how she made it, we just want more in this vein if possible.

Immunity is available for download in all digital music stores, it can be streamed on all streaming sites and purchased from Fader Label in bundles or on vinyl. Clairo will be on tour tomorrow in Toronto, ON, Canada at Scotiabank Arena until October 31 in Atlanta, GA at Variety Playhouse. Her complete tour listings can be found here

Image Credits: Photo Fader Label.

David Garrick

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