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New Humeysha EP is Hard Not to Adore


Because of how crowded the music world is today, there’s a good chance that you’ve never heard the shoegaze sounds of Brooklyn’s Humeysha. The band that dabbles in multi-genre based sounds, finds a way to sway between singing in English and singing in Hindi-Urdu, the dream pop sounds that fall all over their latest release Nusrat On The Beach EP are definitely worth checking out.


The title track that opens the three song release off tells the band’s story. With an island vibe, the music that comes through your speakers comes from multiple instrumentation that showcases the heavy arrangements that lie within. The song is lush but not overly weighted, it hits your ears with pop nuance, but it also doesn’t feel as flighty as typical pop songs usually do. The second track, “Beauty In All” shows a slower and more diverse side to the music that band creates. With world instruments mixed with modern measures, the song has these percussive elements that make the hooks dig deeper while the band pulls you closer with their diverse sound. The final track “Delhi/Sedimentation” touches on the shoegaze side with a sea of pedal washed tones mixed with vocals. It’s haunting, it’s deep and it never really leaves your head after one listen. Whoever the band is influenced by, their music should stay with you even with just three tracks.

The EP is available to stream on all platforms, it can be downloaded from all music retailers including Bandcamp. As of now there are no tour dates for the band, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Julia Rich.



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