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Cross Record Redefines Multiple Genres on New Album


Most albums, no matter the genre, come from something internal written by the chief songwriter. As you may know, the best advice anyone who writes gets is to write what they know. So when you hear the new self-titled album by Texas’ Cross Record, you’re left wondering what all has she been through. The album has moments where the songs feel like they’re coming from a place of immense loss where others feel like joy or a rebirth from the ashes to cause happiness. Wherever or whatever it may be, this album is a journey into a world created by the artist-one that you really don’t mind taking a trip into.

The opening track “What Is Your Wish?” may be the best example of this journey. It’s just the title, offered over and over again, but it also comes off as much more than that. Bookmarked by electronica, the vocally lead track at times feels like it’s asking a question that the author already knows the answer to, yet the rabbit hole of tones she employs is like nothing your ears have experienced before. “Licorice” plays out with a riff that chunks along while notes from all over the place dance into your head and begin the journey into the world that the music creates. The use of dual vocals and ambient sounds offers a more creative soundtrack to the genre of singer songwriter, yet it’s done in a way that intrigues rather than segregates.

The palette of tones at her disposal find their way in and out of the music here. “Face Smashed, Drooling” has a dark dissonance without coming off as insular, “I Release You” pulls you in like a narrative playing out like what you’d think film noir would sound like and “Hollow Garden” is a punch to the face made with vocals. There’s so much happening here, sometimes where the sparse sounds are coming from multiple spaces. While “An Angel, A Dove” feels like a creepy lullaby where the protagonist is calling out for your assistance where “I Am Painting” has a weight that is thick while never really getting heavy in how it gets constructed. There’s no clear standout on this album because all of the songs have a depth that you don’t get anymore in music. Hymnal chants, vocal choruses and an assortment of instrumentation being utilized against their typical intent gets uncovered in each carefully arranged note. Cross Record is making music like no one else, and Cross Record is just a glimpse into her world for a small fraction of time.

Cross Record is available to purchase directly from Ba Da Bing! Records, it can be streamed on all streaming sites and it can be purchased in all online music stores. Cross Record is on tour starting in Marfa, TX at Bar Nadar Pool & Grill on September 04 until The Earl in Atlanta, GA on September 29. Her complete tour schedule can be accessed here

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