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New Album by Infinity Crush is Tender Pop Goodness


Depending on what you typically listen to, there’s a good chance that you aren’t familiar with the bedroom pop of North Carolina’s Infinity Crush. There’s something magical in her music though, something that falls all over her upcoming album Virtual Heaven out this Friday. However, you can stream the album here and get all of the feels yourself while becoming her latest fan in the process.


From the gentle opening of “misbehaving,” it should be obvious that Infinity Crush approaches bedroom pop and music in general is a different way. Mixing strings and guitar tones, her voice comes across as the lead while drawing your attention in on all of the heavy notes she’s creating. That’s the road map for the album. In some ways, you think you’ve heard this sound before, in others you think it’s coming from a new place. It’s all engaging and intriguing while offering the most loving and gentle notes you’ll hear on a modern recording.

The sorcery of it all her is on the gentle melodies that echo within each track. “drive thru” feels like a narrative of the youth on falling in love, “minnesota” offers a poetic charge that flows like a body of water through the landscape and “pink moon” cultivates a true bedroom pop tone while still standing on its own legs. But with all of this, the melodies and the soft arrangements, the biggest stand out of the record is the closing track “prophet.” With its fully fleshed out sound with the backing band taking the lead and the vocals dancing above all of the instrumentation, the song makes you wonder why this isn’t the most beloved and popular sound around. The intimacy in the words, the benevolent casing of how the songs play out, Infinity Crush is on to something here, setting their music away from everyone else while still keeping their toes in the water.

Virtual Heaven will be made available to stream on all platforms on August 09, you can stream it above or pre-order your own copy directly from Joy Void Records. Infinity Crush will be on tour beginning August 14 in San Diego, CA at The Che Cafe until August 30 in Chicago, IL at The Beat Kitchen. Her complete tour schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo by Kiersten Ladzinski.



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