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The Regrettes Bring All of the Catchy to New Album


LA four piece The Regrettes haven’t been a band for five years and yet they’ve always sounded well beyond their years. In terms of songwriting ability, image and craft, the band has earned a well known reputation for crafting well written and even catchier punk touched pop rock songs. On their new album How Do You Love? they step things up while bringing you closer with each upbeat and hook filled note.

The album should be noted, is well produced and all of the songs are tight and performed like they’re played by a room of seasoned rock veterans. While a song like “California Friends” proves the band can bring a full sound to their brand of punk infused pop rock, there’s more there than just another up song. The vocals could be a track by themselves while the backing vocals and well mixed instruments make for a sound that’s full and full of life.

The catchiest tracks like “I Dare You,” “Stop and Go” and “More than a Month” hit with passion and intensity, it’s the songs that steer out of the band’s comfort zone that work best. “Pumpkin” has this slow burn ballad feel, “Go Love You” has this Toni Basil vibe if it were made by a modern band and “Dead Wrong” has this eighties pacing that comes close to Pat Benatar without lifting anything other than the stride. But with all of that this biggest standout track would be “The Game” With punk intentions and melodic guitars, the vocals shine above all the instrumentation while the upbeat sounds come from th least likely chords. The whole album is an exercise in modern pop rock, and proves that the future is bright for such a young band.

How Do You Love? is available to purchase in all online music stores, physically in multiple formats and bundles directly from Warner Records and it can be streamed wherever you stream music. The Regrettes are on tour tonight in Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade until December 01 in Madrid, Spain at Moby Dick Club. The band’s entire tour can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Claire Marie Vogel.



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