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Austin’s Glaze Commands Their Own Nielsen Box with Glaze TV


Of the multiple genres that have made a comeback in recent years, shoegaze has been one that represents the highest amount of interpretation. In many ways, those who embark down the road of pedal washed tones and dreamy song structures never really grasp the scope of what the genre can be. When you look at Austin three piece Glaze however, they not only get it but they add their own spin on it at the same time. On their new E.P. Glaze TV they add elements of dream pop and post-punk tinged new wave to make their own blend of what shoegaze can be.


The album opens with the up and strident tone of “Beetlejuice,” steering closer to dream pop in terms of how the song is structured. A single from before the album’s release, the song has plenty of catchy hooks that get emblazoned with vocals that sound like they’re being sung from down a hallway, creating an almost dissonant tone. But with as hook filled as that song is, the band’s sorcery comes through stronger on “Valentine.” If a band like Pulp made textured music for Jarvis Cocker to eloquently say “fuck off,” then “Valentine” is woven together with a concoction of shoegaze and post-punk nuance to manufacture a sound that belongs to the Texas trio.

It appears again on the song “Moody,” where stabs of bass and guitar shaped melody come together in a snappy way. It’s a sound that the band employs throughout the four song release, best exemplified on the closing track “Yuki.” Bathed in pedal washed tones and an optimistic stride, the song will more than likely win over anyone who’s never heard the three piece prior while helping them garner a new fan base at the same time. While we wished there were more songs here, we can say that Glaze leaves us wanting more, which isn’t a bad place to leave any listener.

Glaze TV is available for streaming on all streaming sites, the album can be purchased in all digital outlets. Glaze is set to appear at Barracuda in Austin, TX on September 13.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist.

David Garrick

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