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Mantra Love Takes Chill to a New Level on New Release


Evolution, is difficult for some people and even some artists to embrace. When a band evolves, their music can bloom like a flower in Spring and great things can almost certainly come from such growth. Houston’s Mantra Love has been around for a minute and they’ve never really stuck with one sound while essentially always having the same vibe. This continues on their latest release U Called? where they take their dissonant tones and chilled attitude to new heights and craft songs that you can’t help but love.

In five songs, Mantra Love leaves it all on the table. On opener “Another One” they take a mixture of depressed pop and tongue-in-cheek fuck yous and come out the other side with a pure pop jam. It’s intriguing how the vocals have an “I don’t care” feel while the music signifies something more elemental and chillaxed. While the song “Feels” is more of a pop based tune, the following track “IDC” mixes multiple genres in a way to where it won’t leave your head after you hear it. Hooky guitars and a slow wave inclination bounce around the song that touches on dance pop, acid pop and indie rock to hone in on a sound that’s essentially like no one else around.

The closing song however is where the sorcery lies with this band. Upbeat and sunny, the song has these little graces of pop burnt in to the dream pop recipe where the song ends up feeding its own world, not really sounding like anyone else in the process. Whatever Mantra Love was listening to when writing this album we say keep it up, as U Called? sounds like a lot of things and nothing else at the same time.

U Called? is available for purchase in all online music stores and it’s available to stream on all streaming platforms. Mantra Love is set to release tour plans soon while one of the members recovers from a recent automobile accident. You can follow them on all socials for updates regarding their performances.

Image Credits: Photo by Aaron Moreno.

David Garrick

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