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Ra Ra Riot Keep Things Pop Driven on New Album


In a lot of ways, it’s hard to believe that Ra Ra Riot has been around for over a decade. With a healthy following of fans, the band shifting gears on their third album in favor of a more synth pop direction, and on their latest release Superbloom, they’ve seemed to embrace the full pop sound. Though a bit lighter than what we wanted, it’s still Ra Ra Riot and it’s definitely upbeat and catchy with each note that comes forward.

With the album’s opener “Flowers” it’s quickly evident that the band is taking new steps towards indie pop greatness. The song’s lush vocals and heavily instrumented tones flow like a sea of pop fun without seeming too sugary. This plays out on track after track with songs “Bad To Worse,” “Backroads” and “An Accident.” But with as flourishing as the pop overtones on this album are, there’s plenty of songs that head back and dip their toes into the earlier tones that the band created.

“Endless Pain/Endless Joy” has that solid indie rock edge with touches of pop structuring, “War & Famine” takes a dark path and finds a way to get it into your head without being domineering and “Dangerous” heads into the dance fueled choral pop sounds that the band had utilized in earlier tracks. The whole album is catchy and upbeat, and perhaps that’s the point to go further into catchy tracks while steering the ship this time on their own.

Superbloom is available to stream wherever you stream music, it can be purchased in all digital store fronts or purchased directly from the band. Ra Ra Riot is on tour on October 18 in Carrboro, NC at Cat’s Cradle until December 13 in London, UK at Oslo Hackney. The band’s complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Rowan Daly.



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