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Lightning Bolt Drops Lead Single From New Album


Rhode Island’s Lightning Bolt will always be one of those bands that if you’ve caught them in person before, then you can’t help but envision that performance when you hear their music. With a new album Sonic Citadel out in October, the duo has shared the lead single “Air Conditioning” and it’s as intense as you’d expect from these two.


The song hits immediately like a punch to the face. The duo wastes no time in ticking up the intensity while still having that immense groove they’ve employed over the years. The bombastic nature of the song shouldn’t be lost on anyone hearing it while Lightning Bolt proves that they’re a band who will always live up to any expectation you have of them.

The song can be streamed wherever you stream music or purchased in all quality online music retailers while Sonic Citadel is available for pre-order directly from Thrill Jockey ahead of its October 11 release date. Lightning Bolt does not have any listed tour dates as of yet, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Thrill Jockey.



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