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Newest Liam Gallagher Single Has Oasis Vibes


In music, if you continue in the same lane, there’s a good chance that you’ll sound much like yourself from project to project. With a new album out in late September, Liam Gallagher has easily stood apart from his work in Oasis with each song from Why Me? Why Not that’s been released. But with time, sounds come forward and while it’s not a rip, his new single “One Of Us” will remind you of his work with his brother twenty years ago.

Keep in mind, it’s a slight touch towards the past as the track is its own sound. The pacing is upbeat, it’s how the chords progress that bring in the remembrance. Aside from the similarities the song has a snappy sound, doubled vocals give Gallagher a bit more depth as the song combines traditional alternative instruments with a symphony that blends to make a song that’s hard to shake.

“One Of Us” is available to stream on all sites, it can be purchased digitally from all online music stores or pre-ordered from Warner Records in multiple bundles on various formats ahead of its September 20 release. Liam Gallagher is on tour starting August 24 in Helsinki, Finland at Kaisanikiemi Park until February 21 in Paris, France at Zenith. His complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by RANKIN.



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