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This New Amen Dunes Remix is Definitely What’s Up


There’s a good chance that you aren’t familiar with the name Damon McMahon but you probably know him by his alter ego, Amen Dunes. Last year under Amen Dunes, the album Freedom blew most critics and fans away while gaining more traction for the artist in the process. Now with the album in the can, a remix of the track “L.A.” is out and it features Westerman to create a whole new take on the song’s original intent.

The track has a nice burn to it, taking its time to really get going while holding your ears as the build begins. There’s a distance in the vocals on the remix that give the song the feel of being in the far and away before the more up side of the song begins and things open up. The touches of catchiness that are on the original are still present, yet a bit more refined here and help propel the song to a whole new place.

The remix can be streamed above or on YouTube, as well as all streaming sites. Freedom can be purchased directly from Sacred Bones Records on multiple formats. As of now, there are no tour dates scheduled for Amen Dunes.

Image Credits: Photo by Michael Schmelling.



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