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Tycho Launches Interactive App & Launches Remix Track


If you’re trying to set yourself apart from the average musician, you make stellar music. If you already make music that’s a cut above the rest, you might do what Tycho has done and create a web app. The application called Forecast will make a playlist based on your current weather, and honestly it’s a great companion to the new Tycho album Weather. While Tycho will always produce quality sounds, their new drop is the RAC Remix of the track “Pink & Blue (feat. Saint Sinner)” and it’s as impressive as anything else surrounding this record.

The song has all of the pop and sparkle of the original, yet here the remix shows off a more restrained texture. With small touches of ambient vibe and techno, the remix gives the song another glance while holding the pop elements close. RAC doesn’t deter from the grace of the original track, just enhances the more dance inspired sounds of it.

The remix is available to stream on all platforms and Forecast can be experienced here while Weather is available for purchase directly from Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune. Tycho is on tour September 05 at Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA until March 05, 2020 at Printworks in London, UK. The Tycho tour dates can all be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Scott Hansen.



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