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Arca Set to Perform Four Part Performance Cycle in Late September


Venezuela’s ARCA is an artist in the highest form, often shape-shifting and performing in varying forms of dress and appearance. One of the most respected performers in music today, the artist has just announced a run of shows with experimental composer Alejandra Ghersi to take place at The Shed in late September.

The Boiler Room Session that Arca and Jesse Kanda put together and performed in London last year was definite eye candy, and this show installment should be nothing if not extraordinary given the space the producer can inhabit. The show titled Arca’ Mutant:Faith will have the performer on take over The Shed’s Griffin Theatre for three very different live performances. The unique shows titled Gestation, Aftercare and Ripples can be viewed as a series or as individual shows. Showcasing new technologies, designs and work made in collaboration with multiple artists should be nothing if not mind-blowing. Boundary, a separate show is to take place on the fourth night of the series.

Tickets will be made available to the public this Friday at 10 a.m. and tickets for Boundary are available here, now. The performances are set to take place between September 25 and September 28, with more information available here. You can stream the music of ARCA on all streaming sites or purchase it from XL Recordings.

Image Credits: Photo by Jose Porroche.



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