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METZ Drops Three Song Covers That Kill


If you’re looking at Canadian punk bands and METZ isn’t at the top of your list, then maybe there’s something wrong with your point of view. When the band released their latest collection of rarities Automat recently, they included a seven inch that had three cover songs from Sparklehorse, The Urinals and Gary Numan. For those who didn’t pick up the vinyl, now you can stream the three songs on M.E. and what you’ll get is more of the searing tones and squeals that the trio has brought to everything they’ve done.


With “Pig,” the Sparklehorse cover gets eviscerated with tons of noise making the song sound closer to what you’d expect from the Ottawa punks. The melody is still there, but the trio makes it their own and keeps the levels of energy high. The same can be said of “I’m a Bug” where the band tackles The Urinals track with ease. The smattering of the drums here is masterful where the song that originated from Toronto’s Sonic Boom Record shop. Closing things out is the Gary Numan cover and while you may think there’s no way for a punk band to cover Numan and stay punk, you’d be wrong. While electronic nods are there, the squealed noise and punk darkness that METZ has echoing throughout their music is so present that at times, you’ll forget that this isn’t one of their original songs.

M.E. is available to stream on all platforms while Automat is available for purchase directly from Sub Pop Records. METZ is on tour starting September 07 in Toronto, Canada at Mattyfest until December 07 in London, UK at Alexandra Palace. The band’s complete touring schedule can be found here

Image Credits: Photo Courtesy of Artist/Bandcamp.



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