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Konradsen Announces Debut Album & Drops New Song


A while back we were pretty amazed by the minimal sounds of Norwegian duo Konradsen when we stumbled upon their music. The two piece utilizes a completely different approach to songwriting and what’s revealed is a sound that’s familiar while still sounding unique. Now with a debut full length Saints and Sebastian Stories due in late October, they’ve just released their lead single and video, both of which are worth getting into.

The song opens with a weighted piano before the vocals come in and start to work their magic. Touching on higher notes with ease, the minimalist pop tones the duo have become know for seem to know their place within the arrangement and stay out of the mix.What you’re left with is a touching and emotionally heavy sound that goes deeper than what you may be used to, while a vocal chorus helps pace out the track and keeps it in your head. When the track gets a bit more upbeat, you’e hooked and should find yourself reeling in how the song plays out.

The song can be streamed on all platforms and the video can be viewed above or on YouTube. Saints and Sebastian Stories is available for pre-order directly from Cascine. Konradsen does not have any tour plans announced, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard.

David Garrick

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