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Gallant Releases New Video for “Sleep On It” Co-Starring Ginuwine


No matter what you may think, Gallant has modern R&B on lock and has an ability to soak up all of the soul while delivering just as much in the process. With his latest single “Sleep On It,” he covers just as much soulful sweetness and the video for the song has a co-starring role from Ginuwine as well.

The video has the theme of a couple in the midst of an argument, attempting to communicate. A situation anyone in a relationship can relate to, the visual element feels very real even if it isn’t. The song has Gallant’s mix of soft and falsetto vocals dancing above the beat, pulling you closer with every soulful note he sings. The song just bops and is hard not to hum to again and again.

The video is available to view above or on YouTube, the song can be streamed on all platforms or purchased in all digital music stores via Warner Records. Gallant is on tour tonight at Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA until November 25 at Melkwag Max in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His complete tour schedule can be accessed here

Image Credits: Photo by Grant Spanier & Corey Waters.



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