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Latest Two Song Drop By Wild Moccasins Pops


For a while now, we’ve sung the praises of Texas three piece Wild Moccasins. There’s something enchanting about their indie pop sound that we find invigorating, and hard not to like. On their latest two song release Closer/Under My Eyes they expand on their disco pop sound while showing they’ve grown within the last year since their full length dropped.

The song “Closer” falls in line with what the band did on Look Together while adding some heavier instrumentation in the process. The song has the vocals at the top of the mix, pulling you in like a siren calling ships to sea. The pop infused song is catchy but not sugary, and stands out among their songbook. With “Under My Eyes,” the band keeps things slow but not boring. Getting to hear the vocals stretch out between melodic guitar and an electronic drum beat offers plenty of weight while tip toeing close to slower dance pop. There’s a magical note that runs throughout the melody while the vocals should tear at your heart with the first note.

The two song release can be purchased on a limited edition seven inch colored vinyl directly from Turntable Kitchen with “Boyish Wave” and “Longtime Listener” included on the record. The songs can also be purchased in all digital music stores or streamed on all streaming sites. Wild Moccasins do not have any tour dates listed, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Arturo Olmos.

David Garrick

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