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Debut Full Length by Noel Wells is Charming & Disarming


There was a time when actors were more than just actors, in fact it still happens but not as frequently as it has in the past. When we first heard that Noel Wells was going to put out music, we weren’t sure what to expect. With roles on Saturday Night Live and elsewhere, a writer and director of film, singer songwriter isn’t what you’re expecting to hear. Though what you get with It’s So Nice!, the debut full length album from Wells, is an enchanting sound that throws you for a loop with its catchy hooks and endearing kindness.

Opening with her lead single “Played For Keeps,” draws you in though while the song is a bop, the sunny sounds of “Sunrise” are where you start to go from casual listener to an actual fan. With sixties pop undertones and an airy vocal, Wells pulls you in with her Summery sounds. This occurs again on the happy-go-lucky tone of “Star” and on the doo wop nods on the title track, “It’s So Nice!” But with all of that, the true magic falls on songs that steer from that style.

“Burn It All Down” has this sultry smoky jazz club feel, where you’re expecting to catch a singer in a long dress laying atop a piano in the dimly lit club. “Still Sleeping” has this soft and almost bedroom pop meets folk sound that comes off as an intimate portrait, while “It’s So Nice” the one that closes the album has a calming and easy going stride that’s hard to walk away from. Though with all of that, the stand out track is “Silverlake” for more reasons than just one. For starters it has a sound that mixes folk and this California in the seventies sound. Wells’ vocals here have a softer tone while still drawing you in, and the track has a meandering pace that gets bulked up with strings that have the biggest heft of the album without being heavy.

It’s So Nice! can be purchased physically directly from Noel Wells, it can be streamed on all streaming sites or purchased digitally from all online music retailers. Noel Wells is on tour starting September 28 at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA until October 20 at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC. A complete listing of her upcoming appearances can be accessed here.

Image Credits: Photo by Brinson+Banks.



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