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Attxla Creates Sultry Vibes on Debut Full Length


In music today, some of the best finds come from the lips of someone you know. When we were introduced to the R&B of Texas’ Attxla, we were astounded by the mixture of sultry vocals and bumping tones that fall all over his music. On his debut full length Ebb, the singer producer ads his name to the vanguard of R&B artists that came before, while making sure he gets a spot on the upper part of the list. In ten tracks he takes you on a ride of emotional weight and sexy bangers that amplify him to another plane.

There’s two ways in which this album wins you over from open to close, production and vocals. On the production side of things, the beats and the rhythms employed create plenty of snap while the way the vocals are mixed means they aren’t amplified to a space where they’re overwhelming. On the vocal side of things, there’s an almost heavenly touch in how the words flow from the mouth of Attxla. They have weight but they aren’t trying to prove they’re powerful, they just are. The opening track “Choose Him” gets you ready for what the album holds as its strong suits. The stop and start of the opening tones get met with these sexy vocals that sound like intimacy between lovers. The way the lyrics flow like water is extraordinary before the drop that just pulls you closer and closer.

That continues into the second track “Feel It,” but in a different way. The vocals are at the opening and offer a more harmonized approach that pairs perfectly with the groove oriented pace of the track. “Abyssal Plain” sounds like it’s coming from the depths of the ocean, “Doldrum” offers a dark electronica tone that doesn’t really exist anywhere else in the genre and “Mind Mend” sounds like it’s coming fro the outer reaches of another galaxy. But even there’s a standout track with all of this, and while “Sway (feat. LYTA)” is hard to beat, “Anneal” was what stuck with us the most. The way there’s a dissonant synth that plays alongside the spacey vocals creates a sound that feels like constrained experimentation, while offering an expanse in sound that you don’t come across often. It’s these elements of experimentation and production technique that excel the beautifully honed vocals in making Ebb an album you won’t soon forget.

Ebb is available to purchase digitally in all online music stores and it can be streamed on all streaming platforms. As of now, there are no performances scheduled for Attxla, though that should change soon.

Image Credits: Photo by Travis Gamble & Matthew Janik.

David Garrick

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